Swollen Feet During Pregnancy? Here Are Ways To Deal With Them

Swollen feet. The most dreaded part of pregnancy after morning sickness. So, you thought after morning sickness your pregnancy would be like a cakewalk? Well, no darling, it would rather be walking on eggshells. No, not scaring you, just simply stating some authentic facts on pregnancy. When I visited my baby scan clinic (I live in Aylesbury), I observed many expecting ladies talking amongst each other about pregnancy problems and seems like all of them were on the same page as they all hated swollen feet. It was the least welcoming part of their pregnancies. I believe pregnancy is all about swollen things, swollen belly, swollen feet, and swollen you! The primary reason for your feet to become puffier is because of the extra weight and strain your body undergoes during pregnancy. You’re carrying and creating a human child inside you, so obviously it’s not going to be as easy as eating fish and chips! By the way, swollen feet is called oedema in medical terms and you experience it during the second and third trimester of your pregnancy.

Now, let’s look at the ways to deal with swollen feet.

1. Don’t stand for too long:

The simplest advice I could give you is to not stand for a longer period of time. If you have a job that requires you to stand for long hours like cashiers, chefs, receptionist, and so on, then ask your employer to provide you with a chair or something comfortable to sit on due to your medical condition. You should also make use of frequent breaks to refresh your mind and put yourself at ease.

2. Get therapeutic feet massages:

Nothing soothes your swollen feet better than a therapeutic feet massage. Use your favourite essential oils and say goodbye to oedema!

3. Have less salt in your diet:

The more salt you eat, the more you make your swelling worse, so just consume less salt.

4. Ditch tight footwear:

If you think you can wear your favourite pump shoes the one which used to make you look hot before pregnancy, then sorry to be the bearer of bad news, you simply cannot! 

5. Use a cold compress:

A cold compress is going to be your best friend in reducing swelling. Either make your own DIY ice pack by putting a sponge or dish soap liquid inside the ziplock bag or buy it from your local drugstore.

If your swollen feet still does not improve, then visit your doctor. Also, get great USG scan offers from Aylesbury Baby Scan Offers.


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