Will Would-Be-Moms In Aylesbury Watch Horror Films With A Bump?

Pregnancy means a massive transformation in your hobbies, interests, and favourite movie genre. Everyone loves an amazing blend of thrill and horror in their movies (at least I so much do!), but what if you are pregnant? Can you watch horror films during pregnancy? Well, there is no one answer to that question. It depends on how strong-hearted you are and how spooky the film is. Some people get scared after watching Grudge while I found that film not that scary. But, as per experts, it is best to avoid watching horror films when you have a little one inside your womb. It is again because of the pregnancy hormones that have made you more prone to stress and emotional outbursts. Upon that, some horror films are plainly gross, like Inside (2007) and Human Centipede 1 & 2 (such a pukey film series) which will remind you of your morning sickness and make you hug our toilet bowl. So, yeah, if you want your pregnancy to be cheery and peaceful, stay away from horror films! 

Well, it’s always good to get second opinions so here I have asked some would-be-moms in Aylesbury if they would watch horror films while stroking their pregnancy bump. Here are the answers! 

Beth Simpson: “No, never! I hate horror movies and there is no chance in hell I’m gonna watch one when I am pregnant. I don’t think anyone should watch such movies during this critical time. It puts a lot of stress on your baby and I believe it can even affect the baby’s development”. 

Ellie Scott: “Maybe, I will. I enjoy horror movies a lot but since I am pregnant, I will first know the plot and if it agrees with me then I will consider watching it. I usually don’t do that to maintain the suspense of the film but during the nine months of my pregnancy, I absolutely will”. 

Sue Crawford: “Depends on how gross the film is. Some horror movies should never be watched by weak-hearted people so I will ensure that I don’t watch those during this time. It’s not good to take any risk and also there will be plenty of time to watch movies in life, so I would rather choose to avoid horror films during my pregnancy”. 

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